Characters News

Posted: 20th June 2013

Another Success! Well done to Caitlin Weatherby (pictured), from our Z Arts class who has landed herself a role as Fiona Hickinbottom in a new film All Good Things. Produced by Ella Pill and directed by Krysten Resnik. Caitlin went for her first audition last Thursday, 13th June, at MET Film School, Ealing Studios, London! […]

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Posted: 25th April 2013

Harriet has progressed in her development through the acting/performance academy classes and is currently supporting the Saturday Performance academy and their adaptation of Mathilda. Keep up the good work Harriet!

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Posted: 26th November 2012

Harriet Waters continues to play Taisie in the six-part crime drama Scott and Bailey on ITV. Harriet expertly plays the daughter of Janet Scott, the diplomat and thinker who is married to Adrian (played by Tony Pitts) She communicates the rebellious side of the teenage daughter with real believability.

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