Characters Performance Academy is fun and high octane, encouraging individuality, teamwork, confidence building, and raising selfesteem and respect; all of this whilst making great new friends

The training includes development of skills in the areas of singing, dance and acting, with the application of those skills in a number of public productions throughout the year.

Students are also offered master classes and workshops with visiting professionals currently working in the industry.

Between us, our staff have been training first class performers for over 5 years. Our teachers draw upon their experience of the past and present to give our members a memorable experience. To become an actor, singer or dancer, it takes talent but also enthusiasm, commitment, vigour and time.

‘Characters’: Cutting edge performance, discovering talent, nurturing a healthy mind set

  • ‘Characters’ aims to equip all members with the expertise and attitude to shape the drama of tomorrow
  • ‘Characters’ provides an outstanding professional service that is dedicated to inspiring young people, their families and the community