Another Success!!

20th JunePosted:

Another Success!

Well done to Caitlin Weatherby (pictured), from our Z Arts class who has landed herself a role as Fiona Hickinbottom in a new film All Good Things. Produced by Ella Pill and directed by Krysten Resnik.

Caitlin went for her first audition last Thursday, 13th June, at MET Film School, Ealing Studios, London! She clearly impressed as they called her back immediately to be seen on Saturday the 15th June.  No time was wasted in choosing her for the part.

Caitlin’s part; Fiona Hickinbottom is a girl struggling with her true identity. Her passion for other people has waned, her selfishness overcoming her ability to be decent to others. You could call this a rough patch, but Fiona is more popular now than she has ever been. Her snarky sense of humour and her faux-­-diva attitude bringing her much attention from girls who also crave popularity, and also the boys that drool over her. Fiona is an average girl turned pretty, but she goes overboard on the make-­up. She never goes without make-up, or has her hair down.

She will start rehearsals for the role next week and filming will be two weeks in July. Caitlin, we wish you all the best in this role and we’re sure it will be the first of many.

For the company this is another big step in the right direction as we continue to grow and bring you no end of success stories. Who knows who or what it could be next as we are getting casting after casting every day!

We hope to bring you an interview with Caitlin in the coming weeks, and hopefully she can tell us a bit about her rehearsal experience.